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Sprachencode   eng 
1. Person   LinkBarker, Howard 
Titel   LinkPlays 
Verfasserang.   Howard Barker 
Ort   London 
Verlag   LinkOberon Books 
Untergeordnet   1. Victory. The Europeans. The possibilities. Scenes from an execution. 2006
Untergeordnet   2. The castle. Gertrude - the cry. Animals in paradise. 13 Objects. 2006
Untergeordnet   3. Claw. Ursula. He stumbled. The love of a good man. 2008
Untergeordnet   4. I saw myself. The dying of today. Found in the ground. The road, the house, the road. 2008
Untergeordnet   5. The last supper. Seven lears. Hated nightfall. Wounds to the face. 2009