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Sprachencode   eng 
1. Person   LinkFreke, John 
Titel   LinkAn essay to shew the cause of electricity 
Zusatz   and why some things are non-electricable. In which is also consider´d its influence in the blasts on human bodies, in the blights on trees, in the damps in mines ; and as it may affect the sensitive plant, ... 
Verfasserang.   John Freke 
Ort   London 
Verlag   LinkInnny 
Jahr   1746 
Umfang   [2], VIII, 51,[1]p. 
Fussnote   Kopie
Schlagwoerter   Link/ Elektrizität
  Link/ Geschichte
Signatur   NAT D.1 - 5
Bestand   Ansicht von Exemplaren und Verfügbarkeit

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