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Sprachencode   eng 
1. Person   LinkLecompte, Elizabeth [Regisseur]
2. Person   LinkShepherd, Scott [Schauspieler]
3. Person   LinkFliakos, Ari [Schauspieler]
4. Person   LinkKoosil-Ja [Schauspieler]
5. Person   LinkShakespeare, William [Verfasser]
1. Institution   LinkWooster Group <New York, NY> 
Titel   LinkHamlet 
Verfasserang.   The Wooster Group. Regie: Elizabeth Lecompte. Darsteller: Scott Shepherd, Ari Fliakos, Koosil-Ja [und andere]. Nach dem Stück von William Shakespeare 
Impressum   [New York, NY] : Wooster Group, 2015
Jahr   2015 
Aufnahmeland   LinkUSA 
Aufnahmejahr   2013 
Umfang   1 DVD-Video, 1 BluRay-Disc (2 h 40 min) 
Illustrat.   farbig 
Fussnote   Sprache: Englisch
Schlagwoerter   Link/ Performance
Genre   LinkTheaterinszenierung 
Inhalt   In The Wooster Group’s HAMLET, Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is re-imagined by mixing and repurposing Richard Burton’s 1964 Broadway production, directed by John Gielgud. The Burton production was recorded in live performance from 17 camera angles and edited into a film that was shown as a special event for only two days in nearly 1,000 movie houses across the U.S. The idea of bringing a live theater experience to thousands of simultaneous viewers in different cities was trumpeted as a new form called “Theatrofilm,” made possible through “the miracle of Electronovision.” (Von der Homepage Wooster Group) 
Signatur   DVD V 6745
Bestand   Ansicht von Exemplaren und Verfügbarkeit

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