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Sprachencode   eng 
1. Person   LinkEtchells, Tim [Verfasser]
1. Institution   LinkForced Entertainment <Sheffield> 
Titel   Link(Let the Water Run its Course) to the Sea that Made the Promise 
Verfasserang.   Forced Entertainment. Text: Tim Etchells 
Impressum   Sheffield : Forced Entertainment, [2018]
Jahr   [2018] 
Aufnahmeland   LinkEngland 
Aufnahmejahr   1986 
Umfang   1 DVD-Video (70 min) 
Schlagwoerter   Link/ Performance
Genre   LinkTheaterinszenierung 
Inhalt   (Let the Water run ... is somewhere between a game, a ritual and an exorcism in which two men and two women enact fragments that might come from their lives, their loves and possible deaths. (Vom Cover) 
Signatur   DVD V 6620
Bestand   Ansicht von Exemplaren und Verfügbarkeit

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