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Sprachencode   eng 
1. Person   LinkEtchells, Tim [Verfasser]
1. Institution   LinkForced Entertainment <Sheffield> 
Titel   Link200% & Bloody Thirsty 
Verfasserang.   Forced Entertainment. Text: Tim Etchells 
Weiterer Titel   Two Hundred Percent and Bloody Thirsty 
Impressum   Sheffield : Forced Entertainment, [2018]
Jahr   [2018] 
Aufnahmeland   LinkEngland 
Aufnahmejahr   1987 
Umfang   1 DVD-Video (70 min) 
Schlagwoerter   Link/ Performance
Genre   LinkTheaterinszenierung 
Inhalt   In 200% & Bloody Thirsty, three drunks in bad wigs and jumble-sale clothes endlessly enact the events surrounding the supposed or imagined death of one of their friends as if, by replaying the events, their truth or otherwise might be revealed. (Vom Cover) 
Signatur   DVD V 6642
Bestand   Ansicht von Exemplaren und Verfügbarkeit

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