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Sprachencode   eng 
1. Person   LinkHughes, Enda [Regie] 
2. Person   LinkKinevane, Pat [Darst.] 
Titel   LinkAct without Words II 
Verfasserang.   Regie: Enda Hughes 
Aufnahmeland   LinkIrland 
Aufnahmejahr   1999/2000 
Umfang   1 DVD (11 Min.) : farb. 
Inhalt   A brief mime showing two players, A and B, in two large sacks on the stage. A is "slow, awkward and absent" whereas B is "brisk, rapid, precise". What unites A and B is the equal absurdity of their lives in a vicious circle of never-ending useless activity. (DVD-Cover) 
In:   Endgame. 2001