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Sprachencode   eng 
1. Person   LinkGarrad, Charles [Regie] 
2. Person   LinkBuggy, Niall [Darst.] 
Titel   LinkThat Time 
Verfasserang.   Regie: Charles Garrad 
Aufnahmeland   LinkIrland 
Aufnahmejahr   1999/2000 
Umfang   1 DVD (20 Min.) : farb. 
Inhalt   This piece intercuts three monologues from three seperate periods of time in the experience of one chracter, the Listener. He is bombarded with three voices representing three different times in his past. Time and visions of nothingness burden each voice and at the end the isolated head smiles at the prospect of happiness. (DVD-Cover) 
In:   Happy Days. 2001